Develop Apps

HP Anywhere provides developers with various IDE (Integrated Development Environment) plugins that allow quick and efficient development of apps that can run on multiple form factors and platforms. The IDEs include an embedded runtime simulator that allows developers to test apps on different screen sizes and resolutions as they are being coded. You can use HP Anywhere learning materials and cookbooks to learn how to builds apps.


Manage Apps

The HP Anywhere App Catalog allows IT Managers to distribute, manage and control existing and new apps as they are being deployed or updated. With "role-based" access, IT Managers can decide to whom and when they grant access to these apps. If a device is lost, revoking access can be done immediately.

Use HP Anywhere

HP Anywhere lets enterprise end users enjoy a new style of IT. It offers one place from which to consume all enterprise applications for day-to-day activities, from any device they choose. HP Anywhere places collaboration at the heart of any successful workflow and offers collaboration, discussion streams and notification capabilities to increase end user productivity.