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Forum |Wed, Apr 23, 2014
Hi, I need help to implement push notifications and email notifications in our project. Please provide me any documents or sample code with regard to that. Can HPA server handle sending push notifications for 20K people at once ? how can i hand shake between a windows service that will [...]
Forum |Wed, Apr 23, 2014
Is there HPA 10.11 IDE installation for Mac OSX?Seems that development on Mac is possible only with Command Line tools and also have other prerequisites (Node, Maven...).Thanks. [...]
Forum |Mon, Apr 21, 2014
Hi there, Upgraded to HPA IDE version 10.11.pb-150 and noticed my call to userInfoService.getUserName() is returning null, which is a problem because it is now throwing a LWSSOServiceException because it can't get the user name for the security cookie. Before upgrading, this call would return 'admin,' which was correct as I was [...]

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Apps for Mobile |Mon, Apr 21, 2014
Does BYOD really describe what we are facing in this anytime/anywhere world. This was the topic of discussion during dinner at Mobile World Congress between myself and a number of my HP colleagues. Keep reading to find out what we landed on after an in-depth discussion. [...]