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Forum |Thu, Jul 24, 2014
Hi team, We got different issues between iOS and Android. We want our header and footer showed all times and the content are scrollable with the code - 'code_1.png'. We got a web remote debug tool called weinre to help us to debug our miniapp on real device.Some issues blocked [...]
Forum |Mon, Jul 21, 2014
Hi, Am using HPA IDE 10.11, i've created a sample project using Hello World (Sencha) & My Report (Sencha). After successful creation of the project then am trying to run this project. Didn't any errors in the console, but i can't able to see this app on the [...]
Forum |Fri, Jul 18, 2014
Hi, I am trying to unit test my JavaScript code and facing the HPA variable issue ("Can't find variable: HPA"). Since the application is not running the HPA variable is not available. Is there any way that HPA provides to mock this? Or we will need to have this written [...]

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Apps for Mobile |Wed, Jun 25, 2014
Did you know that by 2020 its estimated that there will be one trillion applications—plus a billion different connected devices in the world? These will include everything from smartphones and tablets, to wearables and more! Let’s hope those apps are built with quality and that the user experience is spot [...]